Membership & Info


The Shaolin Dao Lu student membership fee of £50 per year and £25 per year for returners, offers numerous benefits including reduced price for classes, monthly payments and eligibility for grading. Free Shaolin Dao Lu T-Shirt with new membership.

Family membership: £100 per year and £50 per year for returners. Family membership is for two students or more. Two free Shaolin Dao Lu T-Shirts with family membership.

Please download our membership form here and bring with you to any of the listed classes, alternatively you can also fill out the application on site. (Note: You will be required to bring a passport picture of yourself to complete your registration for membership.


First class is £10 per hour
Members classes: £10 per hour
Non-members classes: £15 per hour
Over 60s: classes are half price
Monthly payment: £150 (available for members only)
Private lessons are available on a limited basis for members only.

Uniform & Equipment

Uniform & equipment can be purchased within the school. Uniform must be worn at all classes when training and taking grading.
Footwear – plimsolls are worn while training or lightweight trainers. We can also supply students with the correct Shaolin footwear if required but not essential.
Drinks – please bring a small bottle of water with you to all classes.

School rules

The tenets of Shaolin Dao Lu.

  1. Courtesy
  2. Integrity
  3. Perseverance
  4. Self control
  5. Indomitable spirit

Student oath

I shall observe the tenets of Shaolin Dao Lu.
I shall respect instructors, seniors and peers.
I shall never misuse Tai Ji Quan or Shaolin Gongfu.
I will be a champion of freedom and justice.
I will help build a more peaceful world.

Grading rules

  1. Correct uniform must be worn at all gradings.
  2. Student and grading fees must be paid before the
  3. Students should train at least twice a week during the three months before the grading.
  4. Students and spectators at gradings should take care not to disturb the concentration of those grading.
  5. Students who are not sure whether they are ready to grade should consult their instructors.

Code of Conduct

  1. Martial arts should only be used as a last resort to defend yourself or others.
  2. Show respect at all times to instructors and fellow students.
  3. Aim to improve your skills as well as your grading status. Improved skill is more important than sash colour.
  4. Help other students to improve their ability in all aspects of their martial art.
  5. Push hands, set and free sparring should be controlled rather than wild and careless so that injury becomes unlikely. Mental and emotional control is necessary to achieve physical control.
  6. Rings and other jewellery should not be worn during training as they may cause serious injury, fingernails should be trimmed frequently for the same reason.
  7. Quiet disciplined behaviour is necessary during training so that everyone can concentrate fully and injury is less likely.
  8. Students may leave the training area immediately if they feel dizzy or ill in any way.
  9. Aim to work as hard as possible during training and practice at home.
  10. Self Improvement is more important than competing with

When training

  1. The purpose of training should be enhancement of mental and physical self.
  2. Sincerity and effort are necessary.
  3. A consistent schedule of training and practice should be maintained.
  4. Do your best when training.
  5. Obey without objection the word of instructors or seniors, look and learn.
  6. Try to conquer idleness, arrive 10 minutes before the session starts.
  7. Cleanliness before and after training is desired.
  8. Proper uniform is required.
  9. Do not compare your progress to other students.
  10. If you need to leave the training area walk around the peripherynot across it.
  11. Spectators and parents should be quiet and not interfere with students.
  12. The parents of young children should remain on site during the entire session.
  13. Parents must supervise young children who are not training and ensure they are quiet and do not enter the training area.
  14. Parents must pick up their children on time.


  1. Always carry weapons in appropriate bags.
  2. Use weapons with care; be aware of others around you.
  3. Do not use weapons in public places without permission.
  4. Carry your licence when you have weapons with you.
  5. Do not use damaged weapons.