Membership benefits

The Shaolin Dao Lu student membership fee of £50 per year and £25 per year for returners, offers numerous benefits including reduced price for classes, monthly payment and eligibility for grading also at the time of payment. Class uniform must also be purchased and worn at all classes when training and taking grading. The cost for those who have not paid the annual student fee will be higher per session and monthly subscription is not an option.

Footwear – plimsolls are worn while training or lightweight trainers. We can also supply students with the correct Shaolin footwear if required but not essential.
Drinks – please bring a small bottle of water with you to all classes.

Please download our membership form here and bring with you to any of the listed classes, alternatively you can also fill out the application on site. (Note: You will be required to bring a passport picture of yourself to complete your registration for membership.