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Shaolin Daolu is a traditional UK based shaolin martial arts school teaching all forms of shaolin kung fu, i.e. forms, Weapons, Gymnastics, Sanda, Tai Chi and Qi gong. Our facilities are open for students who sincerely wish to study traditional and modern Chinese martial arts.

Shaolin Daolu was founded in 2014 by 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Master Shi Hei long. (Shifu Browne). It is under the auspices of the Venerable Shi Yong Xin, Head Abbot of the Shaolin Temple China and also Shi Yanzi, Shifu brownes honourable Master to the school.

Aside from Shaolin Kung Fu, we also teach Chan Philosophy through the core Shaolin disciplines of martial arts or action /meditation, i.e. Gongfu (Kung Fu) Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) and Qigong (Chi Kung). Students of all backgrounds, religions, ages, and athletic ability can train and do train at Shaolin Daolu. Students come to study at the school from all around the country to learn and grow from training. We teach all age from 5 years old upwards, adults and children train together in the same class, as we do not segregate and there is no upper age limit.

The Heart and Mind is the essence of Shaolin Chan Philosophy and this system of training spans the differences between language and culture as a direct form of growth and understanding. Students find many paths at Shaolin Daolu, some students seek to build better health and create a feeling of well-being, others may train for self-defence or flexibility, others to become teachers and champions that go out into the community to teach and help others, but there is a singular concept behind Shaolin training, one you must experience yourself.
The students from Shaolin Daolu attended the 3rd Shaolin Open National Festival competition IN 2014, taking part in traditional Shaoiln and Tai Chi form competitions and full contact fighting (sanda) and achieved many Gold , Silver and Bronze medals.

There is a great sense of family spirit within the school and we would love nothing more than to expand our family and friends and invite YOU to join us.

Hope to see you soon. Through willow power grows success.

Shifu Browne