About our Classes

At Shaolin Dao Lu we teach all forms of application — Wushu, Weapons, Gymnastics, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Sanda Kickboxing, Self-Defence and Traditional Shaolin Forms. Our facilities are open for students who sincerely wish to study traditional and modern Chinese martial arts. We teach all levels and ages from 5 years old upwards, adults and children train together. Come and join us for a healthier lifestyle, mind, body and soul.

Kung Fu

This class focuses on learning the Shaolin Forms, traditional Shaolin training drills for strength, conditioning, agility and technique, as well as gymnastics, stretching and Qigong.

You will learn various types of kicks, punches, splits, handstands, cartwheels, acrobatics, solo forms and self-defence.

Sanda Class

Sanda (Sanshou/Chinese Kickboxing)

This fun and energising class is a great way to improve your fitness and fighting skills. There will be partner practice, fitness drills, punches, kicks, takedowns, defence and stretching. The only way to reach a very high standard of Tai Chi or Kung Fu is learning how to really defend and fight.

The school trains from beginner level right up to competition level, and our students achieved many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Shaolin Open National Festival competition.

Sanda Class

Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

This class focuses on learning the Tai Chi Forms, as well as Qigong, Self-Defence, strength and stretching exercises and “Pushing Hands”. Tai Chi is well known for its health benefits and it is a great form of gentle exercise. The slow movements help improve strength, balance, relaxation, focus and awareness.

Chen style is the main style of Tai Chi taught at the school. We also teach Yang style, Wudang and Weapons, including Tai Chi Fan and Tai Chi Sword.

Tai Chi Class

Gymnastics, Weapons and Forms

This is a mixed discipline class, which is suitable for Tai Chi and Kung Fu students. Depending on your individual needs, you could be learning gymnastics, weapons and/or forms.

Gymnastics: Cartwheels, aerials, handstands, headflicks, butterfly kicks, acrobatics and flexibility training (Tong Zi Gong/Shaolin Yoga)
Weapons: Stick (Shaolin Staff), Tai Chi Sword and Fan, and many more.

Sanda Class

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